YachtShare Private Investor

Our Private Investor product enables a client to place their late model production built vessel into the YachtShare programme gaining revenue to cover expenses and tax deductibility on their boating investment.

Each Private Investor arrangement will be tailored specifically to the owners requirements allowing owners extended use over holidays or special periods if required.

YachtShare is able to assist you in the purchase of a suitable boat for inclusion into YachtShare if you have not purchased one already. We have significant relationships with many of New Zealand’s leading boat brands as well as a good depth of experience in importing second hand boats from Europe and Australia.

How it Works

The owner of the vessel enters into the YachtShare Private Lease agreement whereby YachtShare undertakes the management of the vessel, organises the maintenance, annual survey, valeting, monthly reporting, and berthage. YachtShare will promote the vessel under the usual YachtShare programme and gain revenue via YachtShare memberships sold on the vessel.

Revenue is shared with you the owner.

You claim depreciation on your boat and offset against your personal tax.

All expenses related to keep the boat operational become tax deductible for you.

We tailor a package around your required usage of the vessel

You enjoy the pleasure of boating without the hassle of maintenance or carrying the hight cost of ownership.

Personally Tailored

YachtShare will tailor a package specifically designed for the owner, maximising the revenue from the boat whilst ensuring the owner gets the use of the vessel when they require, making it a pleasurable investment.

Revenue / Expenses

YachtShare will report monthly to the owner via an income and expenditure statement. All expenses are payable by the owner either direct to the supplier of services or via YachtShare.

Who’s liable for damage

It is the owner’s responsibility to cover the costs of usual wear and tear and capital item replacement. Damage under the value of the YachtShare member’s bond ($3000) is payable by the member or via their bond as held by YachtShare. Damage of a substantial nature will incur a claim via the vessels insurance policy.

The Structure

The vessel owner usually forms a company or partnership to undertake ownership of the vessel. The owner of the vessel (company or partnership) must be GST registered prior to taking ownership of the vessel if a GST refund is required.

Benefits of YachtShare

Due to the structure of the YachtShare programme, members pay on a monthly basis for a 12 month lease. This payment structure provides consistency of cashflow to the vessel owner throughout the year and is not subject to seasonal trends or the whims of the tourism market that may occur with a standard charter company.

As YachtShare members spend considerable time on ‘their’ boat throughout their twelve month contract, they become familiar with the operation of the vessel and gain an emotional ownership in the vessel. This leads to ‘treating the vessel as if it was their own’. Obviously there will be wear and tear and damage, however we stand by the fact that it is minimal compared with a typical bare boat charter operation.

At YachtShare we are a private company with hands on owners. We are not into hassle and unhappiness. We treat all customers as friends.

Where do we go from here?

Talk with your vessel supplier as to the vessel’s ability to be placed into a Marine Operators Safety System (MOSS) programme and the vessel options that are available for purchase. Keep us appraised as you go through your decision making process and keep in mind we’re always available for advice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]