What do you enjoy the most about working on the water?

What I enjoy most about being at sea is feeling of freedom and leaving the rigours of everyday life behind. The challenges of getting from A to B safely and having fun. The feeling of reward after a safe day on the water.

Tell us about your yachting career highlights?

I think my highlight was in the mid 80’s when I working for an American family and we transited the NW passage and then in the same year cruised to the Antarctica by route of the Panama canal and inland waters of Chile. There have been many highlights but this trip in particular was challenging and rewarding.

Where is the most interesting port you have been to?

There are many interesting ports showing the culture of the country, the lagoons and paradise of the Tahitian islands, the historic towns of the Mediterranean. The one that stands out most is the Antarctic, is remoteness, sometimes feels like being on another planet! It is very fragile with increasing human activity. Having been there twice I look forward to another visit.

Another very interesting trip was into Russia in the mid-90’s as far as integrating with the local people this was by far the most interesting in the ports and the small coastal villages.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not behind a helm?

Watching some one else learn and get the bug for sailing. A big part of boats for me and my family is the water! Diving, water activities etc, all this combined with a calm, protected anchorage, a meal in the cockpit under the stars with your family members and friends.  

How long have you been in the industry now?

I have been professional at sea for 50 years, with a combination of Yacht racing on the east of the USA, charter in the Caribbean for 10 years and exploring the ends of the earth.