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Anyone looking to own a yacht and wishing to enhance the experience by passing off the maintenance and management hassles to industry professionals. People who also understand that you can’t use a yacht 365 days a year, so having a managed and shared environment is a great way of gaining the benefits for a fraction  of the cost.

You’re the owner and you’re the skipper!

Don’t be concerned, we have a group of instructors who will take you through any steps you require.

Yacht Syndicates is a company full of people with lifetimes of experience in the maintenance and management of yachts.

Your chosen yacht is fully maintained.

Owning your own yacht is a perfect way of treating the family.

… get the kids on the water to learn some skills, leave the tv behind and enjoy our wonderful marine environment.

Your best days will be yachting days!

We’re here to provide you and your family with the skills and hands-on experience to sail the beautiful water so the Hauraki gulf and beyond.

If you’re living outside Auckland, then Yacht Syndicates is a perfect boating solution. We manage your yacht, so it’s hassle free. Use your yacht just like a city apartment, with the ability to explore the magnificent Hauraki Gulf.


Most of our syndicates are located in the Westhaven Marina, situated in downtown Auckland.

Westhaven is NZ’s premier marina facility with easy access from the city centre.

Experience shows us the correct numbers hence we syndicate our yachts in either 4 or 6 managed shares. 

Our management of your yacht includes ensuring your yacht is equiped with the latest in safety equipment. Alongside this, our on-vessel monthly audits ensure things are as you would expect.

Your yacht syndicate purchase cost along with our monthly maintenance / management fee contributions are outlined on our fleet page for each yacht under syndication. syndicate

We’re always working on the next syndicate, so check our fleet page, but also make contact and we’ll add you to our mailing list to ensure you have early notifiation.



Yacht Syndicates has more experience in yacht management, safety, and shared environments than any other operation in New Zealand

Our team have an incredibly strong focus on customer satisfaction, coupled with great communication.

Our focus is to exceed your expectations at all levels.

Yes it may be – depending on your circumstances and if you use the vessel for legitimate business purposes such as entertaining clients, team building or use by your directors or shareholders.

Talk to your accountant for a better understanding of your individual circumstances.

We run  a 24hr helpline to assist when you’re on the water…. rest assured you’re never alone.

All owners have a one-on-one assessment and training sessions with our one of our instructors to ensure each skippers ability, confidence and safety. 

Our associate company Sail Training www.sailtraining.co.nz has a comprehensive set of training courses for all levels of experience should you wish to brush up on your skills.

Online web based booking system allowing members to book just minutes before departure if required, but also plan future holidays with ease.

Talk to us about full details when we meet.

We have a concierge service attend your yacht after your usage. We exterior wash, interior valet and replenish your linen.

We ask you to re-fuel, before you return to the berth however we can also perform this task for a small fee.


The number of days depends your share.

1/6th share gives you an entitlement of 58 days

1/4th share gives you an entitlemnt of 85 days

You also have unlimited short notice days to enjoy, subject to availability.

Yes of course, our short notice days are available where you’re co-owners have not pre-booked the boat.

Each Yacht has a recommended level of passengers and overnight guests as detailed on the specification sheets.

It’s your yacht, so ultimately your decision. We do however encourage you to stay within the 12nm NZ economic zone and within the bounds of Tauranga to Whangaroa. 

The syndicate purchase is payable as a refundable 10% deposit upon entry, with the balance payable upon settlement of the yacht into the syndicate structure. The monthly maintenance / management fee is payable by Direct Debit.

No formal qualifications are required in New Zealand. However the skipper/s will be assessed by Yacht Syndicates management during a three to four hour sea trial to confirm the owners knowledge and ability. Plus we introduce you to the vessels systems in fine detail. Yacht Syndicates employs the services of fully qualified marine training personnel for the sea trial. Our trainers are also available for top-up training on an hourly rate.

We can take care of a sale via our web presence and marketing programmes, or you may wish to engage an external broker. We can assist with all the legal work and other processes as required.

Absolutely… talk to us.

You may wish to buy multiple shares in your chosen yacht, or perhaps buy shares in two different yachts.