What’s your role at Yacht Syndicates?

As an accountant I keep the administration running and our wonderful suppliers paid and happy.

What is your passion outside of work?

My family is my passion, and creating a home and garden for them to return to when they need a little respite from the world they are now all making their own way in. 

I hear you spent some time with your family on a yacht in the mediterranean, what was the best place you visited and why?

Oh that question is too hard to answer. The best memory isn’t a place, but the feeling of sailing into the sunrise, or gliding along an ancient coast, my children allowed the time to dream, to imagine, to create. Keeping a journal for the year, this excerpt still guides me :-

Life should be like sailing. You set your course then sit back and enjoy the beauty of the journey, traveling at a quiet speed to absorb the moment, now and then pausing to check that you’re still on course and no obvious dangers lie ahead. No need to look behind, but keeping lessons learnt close at hand. Sometimes with the thrill of sailing close to the wind, sometimes relaxed in calm waters, sometimes anxious while weathering a storm but knowing it will inevitably blow over. 

If you only look back, you see too late the beauty you are passing and lose the chance to enjoy it while it’s within reach. To focus only on the course ahead and the destination, you again miss the beauty that surrounds you, and those areas of interest and opportunity that deserve a detour along the way. 

We all need to set our sails 

I’ve heard you love dogs?

Haha one in particular .. our little fluffball that’s really more teddy bear than dog, and still gets surprised looks when it’s realized he is 5 and not the puppy he looks and acts like!